December 18, 2017

Happy Places by Bea K.

Many kids have some “Happy Place” they go to, whether it’s a secret place with friends in the woods, or just sitting on a beach alone reading a book.  I have one happy place and it always has been… the water.   I love the water.   I wish I could just live in it! I love the way I feel weightless in the water, and it doesn’t matter whether I’m with friends, or family, or all alone in the water.


When I go under water and hear nothing but the bubbles I am blowing it is a very calming and happy environment.  Doing fun tricks I cannot do on land is a plus too! You can show off and not hurt yourself!


So whatever your happy place is, be there as often as possible…. And be happy!


Bea is an incoming high school freshman.


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  1. Great advice! We all need a happy place!

  2. Hi,
    I was thinking about “Happy Places” and I thought about a poignant story that I had heard awhile ago. A young mother and father and their three children were returning home to California from their fabulous vacation in Hawaii. They had just dropped their nineteen year old daughter, Katie, at her apartment. Mom and dad and eight year olld son, Danny and five year old , Suzy, were driving the rest of the way to their home. A car that sped through a four way stop sign hit them broadside and tragically killed the entire family.
    At the funeral, their only surviving child, nineteen year old daughter, Katie, remarked how their father looked for what he called a “Perfect Moment” in each day. She said that she was sitting with her father on a park bench before the trip to Hawaii and they were watching her brother and sister playing and laughing. The Dad leaned back on the park bench and looked at his older daughter and said, “This is my “Perfect Moment” for today.”
    While in Hawaii, the younger sister, Suzy, was at first skeptical and pretty terrified to swim in the ocean. Everyday her older sister, Katie, would take her sister in the water just a little bit longer and they would play. On one of the last days they were there, Suzy had begun to really love her time with her family in the ocean. She was relaxed and laying across her big sister’s arms with her head back and her arms outstretched and smiling into the sun. Katie remarked at the funeral, of the day when she held her sister floating in the ocean. “That was my Perfect Moment that day.”
    Since this very tragic incident, I try to find a “Perfect Moment” every day. How quickly time flies and we really don’t know what is waiting around the corner. Love your life and appreciate those very precious “Perfect Moments”. Joyce Davison

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