February 22, 2018

Great Snack Idea for Every Taste

The first week of summer I wanted to stock up on healthy snacks for our family, but mostly for our four (always hungry) kids.  At the time beet chips from Whole Foods seemed like a great new snack idea, that is until I got home only to have them sit, untouched, in the pantry. 


I was excited to be approached about a new food delivery service called Goodies Box. Click here for their website. Each month a variety box of 5-8 new snacks will arrive at your doorstep for only $7 a month. 


Goodies Box 

It gives your family of people with differing tastes a chance to try a bunch of different snacks- and if there’s anything you’d like more of you can order it online. Most kids love the element of surprise and who doesn’t love to get mail?  The snacks you’ll get will be a variety- some sweet, some salty, some healthy, and some not so much, just like most of us eat in real life.


After you receive your Goodies Box, if you post reviews on their website (like which snacks were winners and which ones were not) you can accumulate points to use towards a free future Goodies Box. Click here to sign up.


There can be a waitlist to get your shipment going, but if you go here and enter code JUNEVIP you’ll jump straight to the front of the line.




Thank you to Walmart Labs for sponsoring this discussion.


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