December 18, 2017

Great Read-Aloud Books

By Ann Van De Water

I love to read.  I love to read aloud too.  Every summer since my kids were little I’ve enjoyed sitting outside on our canopy-covered outdoor couch swing and reading stacks of books.  My girls are now 9.  The swing’s canopy has not endured, the cushions have been replaced and the second set is looking rather tired, but we all still enjoy reading.  My girls are great independent readers.  Savannah has declared for over a year now that she has no intererst in having me read to her.  Charlotte prefers to read to herself but stills likes to please me by cuddling up with me and letting me read to her occasionally.

Today I started reading Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time to Charlotte.  I am going to try to entice Savannah to join in the fun, by having all four of us, including my husband, take turns reading the book aloud.  My husband is hopeful that Savannah may want to join us if we all watch the movie together after we’ve finished the book.  She also loves books that are in series, so she may be excited to read the rest of the trilogy.

The following series are ones that we thoroughly enjoyed as read-aloud books.  My girls read many of the books on their own as well.

Miss Piggle Wiggle series  – Betty MacDonald
These totally cracked us up.  They are laugh out loud stories.
I wish I had Miss Piggle around now and when I was teaching too!  So smart, so sassy.  She knows how to handle every possible kind of child and every type of pesky problem.)

The American Girl  books
I loved these so much that I started an American Girl book club at our local library.  I really cannot say enough about these wonderful books, the well-developed characters and storylines and the history which can be learned from them so enjoyably. The illustrations and historical photos and asides are also wonderful.)


Little House in the Big Woods and the eight other books in the classic series from Laura Ingalls Wilder

These memoirs include such great details about growing up in the frontier and allows you to say things like, “Let’s not be greedy.  Remember Laura and Mary were thrilled with a candy cane and the one doll that was passed down from sister to sister among FOUR girls!”


Harry Potter and the sensational septuple series by J.K. Rowling

My girls enjoyed these so much that we had a Harry Potter themed birthday party for my girls and have promised to take them to Harry Potter World next summer.  I am excited but sad to see the latest movie as that will mean it really is the end for this thrilling, inventive series. Sniff, sniff.

Great Read-Aloud Books


Ann is a former English teacher who is now a stay-at-home Mom of 9 year old twin girls.


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