November 22, 2017

Gray Hair? I Don’t Think So!

By Lillian Sanderson

The word gray can mean somewhere in the middle.  It is not black and not white.   It also pertains to anything to do with older people, as in “the graying of the population.”  It is a day without sunshine or a mood that is sad.  Gray has a desolate sound to it. 


Silver linings, silver rings, silver medals all sound so uplifting and positive.  Something silver is to be desired and to strive to obtain.  Silver is the most popular color ordered for new cars!  Silver is just snazzy and upbeat and something shiny and bright!


So, that being said, this grandmother has decided that her hair is changing to silver.  No gray here.   As with everything it seems, there were comments and opinions about the fact that my hair is changing from my always brown with a few reddish highlights to a new more mature look.


Funny as it sounds, I did get some slack for not coloring my hair anymore.  The changing colors were coming too fast to keep up with and I guess I am lazy.   One grown daughter moaned that I will look old, “Please don’t do that, Mom, it makes me feel so bad.”   Another smiled as she said that I will finally start to look my age and not be mistaken as another “sister.”   The nice man who cuts my hair said that I will never be able to stand it.


The youngest of my grandchildren seemed fascinated with the incoming changing hair.


Oddly, the men around me seemed sort of pleased with my decision.  I am too….so far.


I hate to say that I will always do something, or that I would never do something else.


But for now, anyway, I am enjoying the second looks from those I have not seen in a while.  Funny, that it is rarely mentioned unless I say something about them noticing my new lovely, silver locks.


I guess there is a discomfort about aging.  But if someone takes care of him or herself and is still standing tall and moving with confidence, why would silver atop her head spoil her looks?  Platinum hair is pretty much silver and that was what a lot of the movie stars had when I was a little girl.  Oh, how I loved that beautiful bright silvery blond hair!  That was a princess’s color!


How we decide to live our lives affects the young people that love us.  I have a bunch of grandchildren and I would like for them to think that I am happy in my own skin and at my own age.  This is an attitude that I can express and perhaps let them see that old is not ugly or sick or boring. 


Wrinkles come, eyelids get crinkly, funny dots show up, but they are not curses; they are badges we earned!   I can still dance and be silly and play games and maybe even teach them a thing or two.  I would hate for them to think that aging requires surgery to correct it!


I won’t be self-righteous about this silver hair thing, and I won’t apologize if I decide to go bright Lucille Ball red some day.  Change is ok, and I think accepting change keeps us young at heart!


Lillian is the midwestern mother of 5 grown children and grandmother of 10.









  1. that’s great! i’m on my way to silver hair too. no dyes for me. well, maybe someday. but for now i see each silver strand as a lock of wisdom. and goodness knows we all could use a little more of that!

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