February 26, 2018

“Glamorous Glasses” Captures “The Grass is Always Greener” Experience for Kids

Glamorous GlassesBy Julie Samrick

I always wanted a retainer.  I was envious of those kids who clicked and fiddled their retainers around in their mouths so flippantly, so cool, in middle school.  

A similar scenario popped up when my son got glasses in kindergarten- other moms quickly began telling me that their children wanted “Super Vision” (as he professed he had) too.  However, since then my son has learned wearing glasses is not always so super, like when he lost them in our juniper bushes (yet to be found) or broke them playing basketball.

A new picture book by Barbara Newman, Glamorous Glasses, has best friends and cousins, Bobbie and Joanie, experiencing the classic “grass is always greener” syndrome about the other’s fate. Joanie is bummed to learn she needs glasses while Bobbie doesn’t feel complete unless she wears them too.

Told in an upbeat tone with colorful, fun illustrations, Glamorous Glasses is a great read for children 4-9 years old. Whether kids wear glasses or not, they certainly know other kids who do. This book will give them an inside peek at what it’s really like- the good, the bad, and definitely the funny.


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  1. Julie, I love that you wanted braces. Ah, childhood… A close friend of mine has confessed to me that she always wanted something, too: crutches. I sort of remember that one myself. I think I always wanted to have a broken bone and a cast–until I did break a bone and had to have a cast and march around on crutches for six weeks.

    Thank you for a lovely mention of Glamorous Glasses and for sharing your own adventure in childhood coveting!

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