December 18, 2017

Funny Kid Quotes

I want to eat oatmeal before the next soccer game so the ball will bounce off my tummy and go right into the goal. Jack, 5 1/2

I was in the Deaths of the Scares (the depths of despair). Will, 6 years old

In Catherine’s Leapster game, Will is a “Princess in Waiting” and I’m only a “Little Lady.” Jack, 6 years old

Mom, would you rather eat watermelon or Devil bones? Catherine, 4 years old

They won’t get candy, but Grammy and Poppy’s Easter eggs will be their grandchildren. Catherine, 5 years old

Do cats like to get wet???? Then why do they call it a kitty pool?  Natalie, 5 years old

Is this horse meat? (of salami) Will, 5 years old


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