February 22, 2018

Free “Greenbeard the Pirate Pig” gift set

Greenbeard the pirate pig gift setBy Julie Samrick

My 5-year-old oohed and aahed when she saw the stuffed guinea pig that’s included with the new 32-page softcover chapter book called Greenbeard the Pirate Pig.  The story follows a fearless guinea pig that leaves his comfortable garden for adventures on the high seas.  My older children (7, 9 and 11) all sat and listened to the poetic, fun story too.  The illustrations are just as nice.

Greenbeard the pirate pig


Boys and girls alike will enjoy Greenbeard the Pirate Pig and it’s extra special because it comes with a plush guinea pig stuffed animal with a green beard and all. My daughter renamed her guinea pig “Cuddles.” 


According to author and illustrator Andrea Torry Balsara’s website, the inspiration for Greenbeard came from her own pet guinea pigs: Petunia, whose blonde chin-fur turned green when she ate lettuce and her friend Piggy. 


Andrea Torrey Balsara is the author of many books and is a self-taught artist who has recently switched from watercolor to digital media for illustrating.  All of the illustrations were done using Corel Painter and a Wacom digital tablet.  Check out more of her work at www.torreybalsara.com.


Want this gift set for free? It’s perfect to hold onto for a nice Christmas gift for that special little someone in your life. Boys and girls 4 to 9 years old are sure to love it.


Follow this link to win a free gift set of the book and stuffed animal from the publisher (valued at 19.95) Scroll down to the post on Facebook about Greenbeard. 


The random winner will be posted using true random generator tomorrow night, Tuesday! Enjoy!

Greenbeard the pirate pig gift set

 Congratulations to Rivers G!


  1. Hi Julie,

    Thanks so much for the kind review. It’s wonderful that your little girl loved Greenbeard, and adorable that she renamed him “Cuddles”!

    Andrea Torrey Balsara

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