February 24, 2018

Finding Mommy Bliss

finding mommy blissBy Julie Samrick

Genny Heikka is a friend from my writing group who just wrote an uplifting book called Finding Mommy Bliss. Each section has stories from Genny’s own life and experiences that drive each message home, which all add up to 20 practical ways we can find more happiness in our role as mothers. For instance, right in the middle of watching her daughter race during a swim meet, Genny was moved by a father cheering his own daughter on from the sideline.  Even though this girl was far behind everyone else, this Dad was right there for his daughter, not caring what anyone else was thinking.  It moved Genny to include the tip “Get Back to the Basics” as one of the ways to Finding Mommy Bliss.  “This father was a reminder of what simple love looks like,” says Genny.


Genny has a passion for making a difference in the world and for helping other women.  Finding Mommy Bliss reads like a letter from a girlfriend.  It is packed with fun, heart, and wisdom. You can download the book on your iPhone or iPad via the Snippet app for just $1.99.  I promise it is worth every penny! Download the Snippet app for free and the book is easy to find once there. Snippet is like a cross between a book and a blog- a whole new way to read. Genny links to pictures and other interactive tools with this tool.


You can also visit www.gennyheikka.com to learn more Genny and her good works.


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