January 19, 2018

Adolescence is hardest on parents


By Jennifer Senior Here’s what may be most powerful about adolescence, from a parent’s perspective: It forces them to contemplate themselves as much as they contemplate their own children. Toddlers and ­elementary-school children may cause us to take stock of our choices, too, of course. But it’s adolescents, usually, who stir up our most self-critical… Read more

How I made sure all 12 of my kids could pay for college themselves

kids pay for college themselves

By Francis L. Thompson My wife and I had 12 children over the course of 15 1/2 years. Today, our oldest is 37 and our youngest is 22.  I have always had a very prosperous job and enough money to give my kids almost anything. But my wife and I decided not to. I will share… Read more

Growing up Unvaccinated


By Amy Parker I am the 70s child of a health nut. I wasn’t vaccinated. I was brought up on an incredibly healthy diet: no sugar til I was one, breastfed for over a year, organic homegrown vegetables, raw milk, no MSG, no additives, no aspartame…As healthy as my lifestyle seemed, I contracted measles, mumps, rubella,… Read more

The Problem with Bright Girls

smart girls

By Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. Chances are good that if you are a successful professional today, you were a pretty bright fifth grade girl. My graduate advisor, psychologist Carol Dweck (author of Mindset) conducted a series of studies in the 1980s, looking at how bright girls and boys in the fifth grade handled new, difficult and… Read more

10 most hated cartoon characters of all time

most hated cartoon characters

Kids love their cartoons, and parents can often plop down on the family couch with a child in their lap and find themselves equally drawn in and amused. However, there are some characters many moms find themselves despising. Perhaps it is an irritating voice, a bad message they send to children, or an annoying, repetitive… Read more

18 ways to help kids find their passion

kids find their passion

There has been much talk about helping kids find their passion so that they can live a full life, but how do you help your kids find that spark?  As a parent you can open the door to experiences and opportunities.  You can encourage your kids to try different things and to always be curious… Read more

If you give a mom a load of laundry

If you give a mom a load of laundry

“If you give a mom a load of laundry” (a la “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” or “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie”) By Karma David If you give a mom a load of laundry, she’ll see the stack of dishes to be done. When she starts on the dishes, she’ll wonder… Read more

Top 10 excuses parents give for kids’ bad behavior

bad behavior

Guest writer For some parents, the idea that their children are anything less than perfect is one so foreign that it cannot even be entertained. These parents will make any number of excuses for their kids’ misbehavior, both as justification and out of fear that bad behavior is a reflection of their parenting skills. Though… Read more

How to encourage creative writing in kids

creative writing

Writing is an integral part of a child’s schooling, and your child will have to write both expository pieces based on facts and creative pieces based on fiction and imagination. While expository pieces require a certain finesse, there’s a certain comfort in being able to form sentences based on facts. Creative writing, on the other… Read more

Body Image tips for teens and parents

body image

By Jennifer Lombardi Tips for a Healthy Summer Body Image:   Tip #1: Join a yoga class for relaxation, a dance class for fun or an aerobics class because it makes you feel good. Tip #2: Remove “good food, bad food” talk from your vocabulary. Remember it’s all about moderation. Tip #3: Don’t feel pressured… Read more