November 24, 2017

Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

“Anna See” is a blogger I have been following for quite some time- tragically she lost her 12-year-old son last month in a freak accident, living every parent’s worst nightmare.  She just mustered up the courage to share what happened on that horrific day on her blog, “An Inch of Gray,” and I would like to share it Every Parent's Worst Nightmarewith you.  We are with you, Anna. xoxo


  1. Heather Stokhaug says:

    I shouldn’t have read that tonight. Thank you for sharing it, though. My heart goes out to Anna. It took an amazing amount of courage for her to write about that and she did it so well. Too well. I won’t be able to sleep tonight — my heart is aching for her.

  2. Thank you, Julie. I appreciate the love and support.

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