February 22, 2018

Etan Patz Case Solved After 33 Years But His Parents Never Gave Up

By Julie Samrick

Etan Patz was the first child ever to have his face on a milk carton, what would eventually become the symbol for abducted children everywhere.  Taken en route to his school bus stop in 1979,  6 year old Etan vanished without a trace.

A stock clerk working in Etan’s neighborhood at the time has admitted to the crime this week.  Pedro Hernandez lured Patz into his workplace with the promise of a soda, only to strangle him and then leave his battered little body in an alley, wrapped up like trash.

 I hope Etan’s parents can find an iota of peace with the knowledge of what really did happen to their precious son. Yet these cruel reminders of the evil in human nature stand in sharp contrast with the power of  loving parents’ devotion to their child.

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