February 21, 2018

Egg Hunt Cancelled Because of Aggressive Parents

Organizers of the free hunt that takes place each spring at a Colorado Springs park say they were forced to cancel the event due to the actions of parents at the 2011 hunt.

“It’s sort of got out of hand,”  said Dave Van Ness, executive director for the Old Colorado City Associates.

Hundreds of parents reportedly jumped over ropes into a kids-only section of the hunt to ensure their kids got as many eggs as possible. Their actions caused the hunt to be over in seconds, to the dismay of egg-less children and their parents. Read more


  1. Heritage Square Family Entertainment Village in Golden, CO took a different approach and succeeded wildly with Saturday’s Easter Celebration.
    With a strolling Easter Bunny distributing eggs, and a solar powered Bubble Tower blasting humongous bubbles in all directions, and even a stilt walking party, there was entertainment for all ages, and no one felt left out. Report and photos here: http://stiltwalker.com/v65u

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