January 18, 2018

Easy money saving tip

retail me notI need to share a quick tip that’s saved me $82 in the past week and it’s only taken seconds of my time. It sounds like an advertisement, doesn’t it?  I want to shout it from the roof tops! If you have a smart phone, you must, must, must get the free app “Retail Me Not.”

It’s a free app that allows you to search by store name or online website and it will pop up coupons with a bar code right on your phone or tablet if they have a coupon. 

I’ve had “Retail Me Not” for some time and it’s been sedentary on my phone for awhile, but last week I went to Kohl’s to start some back-to-school shopping (We start 8/14 around here) and I thought to enter Kohl’s for a coupon search as I was standing in line.  So glad I did! There was a 20% off coupon the sales clerk scanned straight from my phone!  $40 came instantly off my $200 bill.

Yesterday I tried again at Office Depot.  They had a 15% in-store coupon.  $22 off after buying school supplies. Boom!  Seemed to good to be true to work yet again.

Again today at Michael’s.

I can’t believe I literally took seconds to type in the stores’ names and it was THAT easy.

What other back-to-school savings tips do you have to share?

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