February 22, 2018

Do We Have Unreal Expectations of Our Heroes?

Do We Have Unreal Expectations of Our Heroes?

Seau at a charity event just days before his death

By Julie Samrick


Friends, family and fans are reeling from the death of Junior Seau, who died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound this week. Even his family and closest friends say they had no idea he was depressed.


Hank Bau, a former San Diego Charger like Seau, said, “I think the message is this: We all forget that people we idolize are just … people. Do we have unreal expectations of our heroes?” Read more of Seau’s story.


Seau’s story is a sad reminder yet again to talk to our children about people in the spotlight they admire for the simple reason they have a great talent, but they know nothing more about. See Talking With My Kids About Whitney Houston from February for more tips on how to do so.


For older kids, share the poem Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson- written in the 19th Century, it’s message is still valid today. It tells about a man with a golden touch who seemed to have it all, but really did not.  This poem always resonated with my students when I taught high school English.  I used it when we read The Great Gatsby, yet another story of a tragic, golden man.


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