November 24, 2017

Disappointed in America’s Got Talent

Do you watch America’s Got Talent with your kids?

With all of the junk on television, I watch less of it now than ever.  And with 4 impressionable young kids, the viewing options are slashed even further.  One show we do watch regularly is “America’s Funniest Videos” on Sunday evenings.  It’s on ABC at 7pm on the West Coast, which is a nice way to end the weekend, spending some down time together before the busy new week to come.  It’s a show that’s both entertaining and appropriate for all ages.  We all genuinely enjoy it, especially since Tom Bergeron took over as host.  This family television viewing time reminds me of watching “The Wondferful World of Disney” with my family as a kid, which was also coincidentally on Sunday nights.


So I’d been thinking “America’s Got Talent” fit into the same category as “America’s Funniest Videos” until an episode this week left me sorely disappointed.


My husband got home today from being away on business for  5 days, so after dinner and homework we pretended like it was Sunday and all sat and watched a “family” show together.  We chose a taped episode of “America’s Got Talent” from earlier this week.  We watched a talented 11-year-old girl with an amazing singing voice.  Motocross brothers joined by their entire extended family as physical props (and I’m sure emotional support)  entertained us with their death-defying stunts.  A dance troupe made up of young people (the youngest only 4) inspired us.  We were enjoying ourselves…until…


A man named Steven Retchless performed a POLE DANCER act.  He and two other (pole) dancers writhed, slithered, and let’s just say it wasn’t for family viewing. Not only that, his outfit was completely inappropriate.  “Why is he dressed like that?” my older kids asked in unison of his tight, barely there shorts and some sort of leather and chains number thrown on instead of a shirt.  I’m sure I was crimson.  Even a woman in a bikini would’ve been inappropriate to see on a show like this.


When one of the judges questioned if this act could really make a successful Vegas headliner, the host, Nick Cannon, raucously joked, “There are plenty of pole dancers in Vegas already!”


“What’s a pole dancer?” my son asked.


“America’s Got Talent”  dropped from its position as my second favorite family show with just one act. Watch the full performance and tell me what you think. 

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