February 21, 2018

December Book Pick: No Two Alike (Review by Amy Schwary)

No Two Alike  by Keith Baker

“No two snowflakes are alike,

almost, almost

…..but not quite”

Take a journey with two adventurous birds through a snow fallen forest. Explore the wintery landscape to discover that “no two are alike”…from branches and leaves to forests and trees. This book has very simple yet poetic verse which makes it a wonderful read a loud that is sure to capture the attention of all children. It is a beautiful depiction of the uniqueness of everyone and everything around us. A sweet affirmation of how we are all “one of a kind” and how individuality is a part of life. What a nice way to celebrate differences and applaud uniqueness.

“No two friends, large or small, no two alike among you all?”

“Are we the same, just alike?

almost, almost

….but not quite.

I highly recommend that you add this to your reading list this winter!


Amy is the developer of Pre K Scholars and the mother of four girls.

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