February 22, 2018

Dear Diary

Dear DiaryBy Ann Van De Water

My twin girls started 5th grade this year.  For me, 5th grade was the year I met my best friend, started wearing a bra, got my period, and started believing my mother was really not very smart.  So it was with a bit of trepidation and foreboding that I took my girls to school on their first day, thinking about how this may be a transition year from childhood to adolescence. 

But the next night I went to say good night to my two girls.  I walked into one of their rooms and found them both on the bed, with their diaries on their laps. 

“We’re reading each other our diaries.  Do you want to listen?”  one of them offered.

“DO I EVER?!”  I said, as I plunked myself down on the bed too.

“My first page has my top ten secrets, so I’ll start there,” said Diary Daughter #1.

“So convenient!  Start with good stuff immediately.  I like your style,” I said.

 I learned some things I did not know about my daughters and a few things they thought I didn’t know but that I already did.

That night may be the one and only time I am invited to hear them read from their diaries, but I will treasure it always.  Of course, I am sworn to secrecy.  So I cannot share the funny, embarrassing or sweet things that were in there.  My lips are sealed. 


Someone who feels better about 5th grade now

Ann is a former high school English teacher and now a stay-at-home mom of 10-year-old twin girls. 

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  1. 5th grade was tough for me on all fronts. I have anxiety about my daughter in 5th this year. But I’m trying to work through that. There will certainly be some parallels, but I’m trying to keep in mind that she is her own person with her own perspective.

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