December 18, 2017

Could my OCD Actually be Helping Them?

When did I become a germaphobe?  When did my deference to hand sanitizers and interest in specials on TV about bacteria in the most unlikely places, first interest me?


Or, more interestingly, what about those of us who were sloppy as kids and even carried it a bit into adulthood, going on to be attracted to and then marrying our opposite, more clean freak type spouses?


But it does seem most moms of young kids I know are conscious about germs. Some have been tidy since a young age, like a little Elle Woods from the Legally Blonde movies.  Others of us magically transform into Mr. Clean once our babies are born. I have even become the mom who makes my kids wash their hands within the first 10 seconds of being through the door. We’ve even had arguments about it.


However, could this be training them to have good hygiene later on? Could my insistence of hand washing, for instance, finally break through and become an ingrained habit later on?


Because they’ve had a bath or shower each and every day of their lives (with maybe a few exceptions), would they ever allow themselves to get stinky and grungy while away at college?


Is it possible that my seriousness about changing our bed sheets every week (and the explanations I’ve gotten into about dust and sloughed off skin, etc.) might finally click in and make sense?



Now if I could only become OCD about clutter.



* I understand the seriousness of OCD. I hope I didn’t offend!OCD Actually be Helping








  1. so true and yup a little compulsive behavior helps in parenting!!!

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