November 25, 2017

Congratulations to Amy D.! You’ve got Mail!

Thanks for all of your great comments!  Another product giveaway will be announced this week. I’ll give you a hint: Did you know it’s Fire Safety week?  Stay tuned…

I was at a bridal shower a few years ago when I first saw and tasted one of my favorite party favors of all time- delicious, soft sugar cookies from Carrie’s Cookies and Confections.  The wedding theme was sunflowers, so the hostess arranged for Carrie to create  a beautiful, sunflower cookie wrapped in its own individual bag for every guest.


And then, I attended another shower not too long after, a baby shower this time, where once again I had the pleasure of walking away with another of Carrie’s creations, this time a pink carriage cookie.


With Halloween approaching I am so excited that Carrie’s Cookies and Confections will provide our first ever contest prize!


Here are the details:

Vintage Halloween Cookies

One winner will have a dozen of Carrie’s Cookies (vintage Halloween design) shipped directly to his or her home. Each cookie will come in its own bag tied with a coordinating ribbon. 

They are perfect for an after school Halloween party, or to gift your friends and neighbors. Or maybe you’ll just want to keep some for yourself!

This prize is a $50 value.



Here’s how the contest works:


For 1 chance to win: Leave a comment after this post answering, “What was your favorite Halloween memory or tradition as a child?”


For 2 chances to win: Leave a comment and “Like” our Kid Focused Facebook page


For 3 chances to win: Leave a comment, “Like” our Facebook page, and “Subscribe to Kid Focused” to receive free Kid Focused news every 1-2 weeks directly to your inbox.


If you already “Like” our Facebook page, and you are already a subscriber, leave a comment and you will automatically earn 3 entries.


The contest will close at 9pm Pacific Time on Sunday, October 9th.  The winner will be announced the next morning.  The cookies will be shipped anywhere in the United States.  No more than 1 comment per visitor.  Winner will be randomly selected.


To see the broad range of custom, hand decorated cookies Carrie offers and for a full listing of ingredients, check out the Carrie’s Cookies and Confections website here.


Happy Halloween!





  1. Me want cookies!!!
    Hmmm….favorite memory….Neightbors down the street had three teenage boys and they used to make a killer haunted house for all to enjoy. We looked forward to it every year. It was also the one night of the year we could venture out in the dark without parents!!

  2. angela schoolcraft says:

    like facebook page
    signed up to news letter

    when i was about 5 my dad dressed up for halloween his 1st and only time and went out

  3. amy dolley says:

    Each year my sister, who is 8 years older than me, would make my Halloween costume. It was quite a production. When I was 5, she dressed me as an OREO cookie. It was made of cardboard and I was sandwiched in between. On the front she spelled OREO and on the back she painted, “Please don’t fiddle with the OREO middle.” All I remember that night was spending more time in family’s homes so they could all look and read my costume. I don’t think I got much candy!

  4. Margaret Smith says:

    My favorite memory is of a Halloween party that my parents had for my Aunts, Uncles & cousins many years ago. There must have been some 40 people at the party and everyone dressed up. We played lots of traditional games, plus some. It was so much fun.
    Thanks so much.

  5. Shannon Baas says:

    Mine is bobbing for apples. Didn’t do much trick or treating as we lived out in the country.

  6. My silliest Halloween memory was a year I didn’t have a costume planned and ended up being a ‘bag of dog food.’ Yup, cut a neck hole at the top of the bag off and wore a 40 lb bag of dog food as a dress!

  7. My favorite Halloween memories were putting the candle in the freshly carved pumpkin. I was a little pyromaniac. Fortunately I grew out of it before realizing my potential.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  8. Christine says:

    I remember when my best friend Kim and I dressed up as crash test dummies and drove my parents golf cart around the neighborhood acting like goofballs….I also remember getting egg’d that night by some other kids from our school! :) Guess they didn’t like our costumes! :)

  9. My favorite memory is brainstorming costume ideas with my siblings and dad. We generally had homemade costumes so they could get pretty ridiculous. One year I was a dinner table for 6. I vividly remember my head being the centerpiece, adorned with flowers, and having to turn sideways to walk to people’s doors because I was too wide to walk forward. It was ridiculous but a fun night!

  10. Terri Martin says:

    My Granny always fixed me up for Halloween, Just thinking about her makes it special.

  11. Marilyn Wons says:

    My favorite Halloween tradition as a child was to make caramel apples with my mom!

    • Food memories come to my mind, too, Marilyn! My mom and I used to make “Halloween Lunch” It was boiled potatoes, carrots and some bacon sprinkled in. It had all the Halloween colors in it :)

  12. My favorite Halloween memory was going trick-or-treating with my older brother!

  13. My favorite memory was when my sister and I both dressed up as Minnie Mouse- sparkly cheeks, ears, tail, the whole nine, and we’d go trick-or-treating with my dad. That was my favorite moment.

  14. valerie mabrey says:

    My school was in a small community ans we had a carnival. That whole area came and dressed up. My grand parents dressed up so well nobody knew who they were and they would not speak. They were so funny and I did not understand why they seemed t keep being near me. It was so out of character for them that I treasure the memory.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  15. Ashley Maughan says:

    My favorite tradition when i was a kid was to dress up in scary costumes and do a Halloween maze in our back yard and scare people!! Good times…

  16. Suburban Prep says:

    We would have spaghetti for dinner (brains and guts –as my mother stated). then we would have caramel popcorn and then go to the neighbors house for a get together (A bunch of parents and kids going trick or treating together)

    • I like your mom’s sense of humor! When my kids get a little older I’m going to try that! I think my little one would freak out for now :)

  17. Hitting every house for treats in a small town–2 pillow cases full!

  18. miranda mcghee says:

    all my friends and family getting ready and going out and getting lots of candy

  19. Bethany Turner says:

    My favorite Halloween memory would have to be when I dressed my three boys up as Dalmatians. MO. weather is really unpredictable so I made them really warm, of coarse it was 90 degrees outside. My little men walked up and down the neighborhood in those Dalmatian outfits anyway just because they wanted to make mommy happy… I will never forget that.

  20. My favorite Halloween tradition is picking out pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Favorite Halloween memory…when I was in High School, I remember my mom really wanted some Halloween candy, so she decided to put on one of those funny glasses with a big nose and go trick or treating. A few houses into it, she lit a cigarette. She accidentally caught the plastic nose on fire, but didn’t realize it until some screaming kids pointed it out in horror.

  22. My favorite memory is my big brother and I dressing up as astronauts…our dad was an aerospace engineer who had worked on the space shuttle (we were all a little obsessed by space!) and he also rode a motorcycle. No one planned our outfits for us…on Halloween night, we ran frantically into the garage, used his motorcyle helmets for our “spaceman helmets,” and then ran to his dresser and closet. We grabbed as many sweatshirts as we could and started piling them onto us…sweating and getting puffier by the minute! I’m not sure anyone knew what we were, but we were happy to fill them in as we ran house to house with out pillow cases flying!

  23. Mya Murphy says:

    My biggest memory of Halloween… I was sick with the flu one year, when I was around 6, and my brother went out twice… to go trick-or-treating for him, and then ME in another neighborhood. Best Halloween ever. It showed how much my brother loved me. He was only 9 years old and had a heart of gold. For being so sick, he also gave me the biggest bag with the best candy!

  24. Melanie T says:

    My mom would make us wear a huge winter coat over our costume so you could barely see what we were supposed to be!

  25. My favorite tradition was bobbing for apples.

  26. Stephanie V. says:

    It is my mom’s birthday so always having a double celebration

  27. Robert Pyszk says:

    My favorite Halloween memory is walking around my grandma’s townhouses trick or treating.

  28. trick or treating was my favorite

  29. Thanks, Robert! Appreciate it. Good luck with the contest :)

  30. Stephanie hall says:

    I have a Halloween memory from when I was 3 or 4, in Germany,
    when my mom took me outside where a red devil man was
    dancing in the streets. Scared me to death!! I later learned
    It was a Halloween parade. I still see that devil vivid in my
    Memory lol.

  31. My husband and I were talking about how much we appreciated growing up in a time when you could trick or treat and receive home-made goods from the neighbors without having to be suspicious. Popcorn balls, cookies – it was so good.

  32. My favorite thing was getting all of that candy. With 9 kids in my family, candy didn’t last for long so when I got my own stash, it was great!

  33. renee walters says:

    I subscribe to your email and like you on Facebook! I would love to win this for my kids! My favorite Halloween memory as a child was staring out the window, waiting for my Dad to get home from work to take my sister and I trick or treating. I was so anxious and excited, I could barely breathe. When his car pulled up the driveway, my sister and I would yell, “He’s home!” and run to greet him! I miss him so much. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
    Renee Walters

  34. My mom would take my sister and I to the fabric store and we would spend all afternoon looking through the pattern books, choose just the right costume and then the fabric. My mom was so great at making just what we wanted. on Halloween night we would come home and turn our candy buckets over to sort through and trade candy! Such great memories. Thanks for taking me there.

  35. Christine says:

    Eating chili with my family before trick or treating is my favorite memory. I was so anxious for my dad to finish so he could take my sister and I trick or treating. You can’t hurry up when you are eating hot chili.

  36. Heather Mentzer says:

    I loved going to my Grandma and Grandpa’s on Halloween. We lived in a rural area so after we’d driven to most of the houses to trick or treat, we’d go to Grandma’s and she’d always have a lunch sack of goodies with each of our names written neatly on the front.

  37. My favorite memory, when the kids were younger, was dressing myself up as a gypsy. When I answered the door to give the kiddies treats, they didn’t know what to do. When they realized who I was, they loved it. Every year after that, I dressed as something different and the kids couldn’t wait to see what I was going to be. It was lots of fun. Thanks.

  38. EMMA L HORTON says:


  39. Susan Ladd says:

    My favorite memory is watching my grandchildren going out each year from our house on Halloween and the having pizza at our house. Like on FB and thanks for the great sweep. Hope to win :)

  40. paige chandler says:

    My favorite memory is the pretzel costume my mom made for me at age 10. I thought it was the coolest…it was!

  41. So many fun memories….but a tradition in our peanut-allergy house was my sister and I gathering all those butterfingers, snickers and reece’s and “turning them in” to our mom (the only member of the family able to eat pb)….but as we got older and wiser we would make sure she had our favorite “peanut free” candies left over from the trick or treating basket to “trade” with us :)

  42. Linda Lansford says:

    favorite Halloween memory as a child was going door to door collecting treats

  43. CATHY TRUMAN says:

    I remember making popcorn balls and carmel apples with my Mom we always had so
    much fun. My friends would come over and we made the day cooking and eating

  44. Thanks, Linda! You have twice the chance of winning. Good luck!

  45. Kathy Dunaway says:

    My favorite memory is of my mom making popcorn balls and homemade fudge for our Halloween parties.She made us some really great costumes also:)

  46. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    I remember going out trick or treating with cotton pillowcases and slinging a big bag of candy over my shoulder

  47. SUSAN RYAN says:

    My favorite memory was locking all of my candy up in a locked piggy bank so my brother couldn’t get to it.

  48. tracy davis says:

    My favorite memory is carving pumpkins

  49. Casey Lynn Everidge says:

    my favorite memory was dressing up of course! and trading candy with my brother and sister!

  50. Our tradition was to go around and look at all the decorations, we’d do this nightly for weeks.

  51. After we would go trick or treating my brother and I would dump all our candy in the middle of the floor and my dad would line them up to see how many of each kind we got.

  52. Katie Sanderson says:

    Carrie’s cookies are the best!
    Every night on Halloween my Mom would make a dinner that always included mashed potatoes. Then she would leave them on the counter and a “Witch” would come and hide little charms in the mashed potatoes. We would dig into our potatoes and find little individually wrapped fortune charms. Dice meant you were going to be lucky in life, little ballerina dancer meant you were going to be just that, a dime meant that you were going to be rich, a penny…poor, and so on. Of course my 2 sisters and I always wanted to get the little ballerina charm. It was a great tradition that I am now continuing with my 2 boys ( I have substituted a pirate for the ballerina dancer)
    Happy Halloween!

  53. I used to absolutely love dressing my pets up for Halloween!

  54. Courtney S says:

    My fave tradition was always bobbing for apples!

  55. My favorite was always shopping for a Halloween costume

  56. We had to go to my grandmothers for a few days with mom to help her out with my grandfather after a surgery and when we got home late Halloween afternoon, my father had somehow figured out how to use mom’s sewing machine and made us costumes!

  57. My greatest memory was my mother made me a cat costume
    when I was 7 years old. The tail dragged on the ground and
    the kids at school laughed at it but I loved my costume anyway.

  58. Favorite memory: The elderly lady around the corner made the best popcorn balls. It was our favorite house to trick-or-treat.

  59. Ashley Gao says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!! :D

  60. Paula Hall says:

    In general, trick-or-treating in the dark without parents or grown-ups chaperoning. I’m from the East Coast, so the wind would be howling through the trees, leaves would be whipping around the sky, and we would let our imaginations go as we ran from door to door up and down the hilly streets. There would be groups of kids of all ages frantically marauding through the neighborhood in the quest to get the most candy. And then the categorizing and counting of the loot when we got back home, in anticipation of finding some unusual, rare, or coveted confection. Aaah, innocence and youth!

  61. Charlotte Varner says:

    Every year is a different and unique one that’s for sure. The best Halloween was my daughter 1st Halloween she was only 3 months old and I dressed her like a dalmatian pup and painted her nose black. She was so adorable!! Everyone would stop me at every door wanting to talk to her or saying, “Aww how cute!!” They’d give her all suckers but some of them would say here’s some chocolate for mom!!!

  62. I have so many great memories of trick or treating with the neighborhood kids. Thanks for the giveaway.

  63. Katharina says:

    My favorite Halloween memory is of myself and my two best friends dressing up as Wizard of Oz characters. We went trick or treating (as teens, not young kids!) :-) and linked arms singing We’re Off to See the Wizard as we skipped through the town. That was the last year I went trick or treating until it was time to take my daughter many years later.
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  64. Mine was being old enough to go trick or treating in the neighborhood with friends after school

  65. My favorite tradition has always been carving pumpkins with the family

  66. Lucy Schwartz says:

    My favorite Halloween memories involce our kids when they were younger. I would sew tafeta skirts in bright colors with flounce. Our daughters would be a Princess or Snow White etc. Each year I would embellish the skirts with different blouses etc. My favorite was when our son was about a year old. I sewed a fuzzy hood with ears that matched his one piece sleepwear and with mitten paws. a little eye liner for whiskers and a black nose He was ready to go and he was warm!

  67. My favorite tradition as a child was trick-a-treating and making jack-o’-lanterns and putting it in the kitchen window.

  68. my favorite halloween memories are trick or treating with my sister

  69. My favorite memory is going trick or treating with my older brother. One year, he wore a scary mask and one person closed the door almost as soon as she opened it.

  70. Joshua Holmes says:

    we used to carve the pumpkin and toast the seeds. They were delicious

  71. Emma Peel says:

    my tradition when i was young was to dress up as a hobo

  72. Our tradition was to have hot dogs and Mac and Cheese and then go trick or treating…

  73. Jennifer R says:

    I loved trick or treating with my brother every year. reejen at comcast dot net

  74. My best memory is going trick-or-treating in the dark and thinking it was SO late! (dark came early in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan – about 4 PM) I remember the houses that gave full-size candy bars – and loved going home and sorting my “loot”!

  75. My grandmother thought I should be a Gypsy one year. And while at her house, she helped me with my costume. I got to try on and wear a lot of her old vintage jewelry. It was awesome! Thanks grandma…I love you!

  76. My favorite Halloween memory–One year my Mom decided she would make us home made costumes she made my sister an amazing cat costume out of black velvet, but she ran out of time and never got to make my costume. The following year she told me –she would make me anything I wanted to be–so I decided I wanted to be an ostrich. My poor mother worked very hard on my costume and in the end I looked more like big bird–but every where I went I won the prize for best costume. When I went trick or treating every house wanted to take my picture and they gave me tons of candy. I had the best Halloween ever—and I got more candy then I could ever have imagined.

  77. My favorite memory is trick or treating with my brother. When we were little, we would get yummy popcorn balls and cookies from our neighbors.

  78. tracey johnson says:

    i have always loved carving the pumpkins,

  79. tracey johnson says:

    im a facebook fan-rochelle johnson

  80. Belinda Shaw says:

    I remember going trick or treating with my friends and brother and always coming back home and dumping the candy on the living room floor. We would then trade candy with each other to get the candy we wanted. It was really fun for all of us.

  81. Diane Baum says:

    I loved Halloween as a kid and still now, I loved the school parades and neighborhood block parties.

  82. The school parade was my favorite tradition.

  83. Oh, my goodness, my favorite Halloween memory was when we went trick or treating in our own neighborhood there was this one house that gave the 1 lb size candy bars to each of us who actually lived in the neighborhood. And you couldn’t go back twice…but we LOVED those HUGE candy bars. Wasn’t that just sweet of them!! Of course, now I think of the dentist bill but what can I say…

    Love the idea of these cookies as a give away…enter me in.

  84. Brittney House says:

    My favorite halloween tradition is our block parties.

  85. Mary Ward says:

    I loved walking the neighborhood with my friends and my dad in tow, to get candy. We had such a great neighborhood growing up. One house would always make a little haunted house in the garage. Great times!

  86. Douglas Houston says:

    The neighborhood I grew up in used to put out the white paper bags with the candles in them. I loved riding the car and see the road lit up like a trail.

  87. Pumpkin carving and trick or treating with friends.

  88. My favorite memory was when I took my two year old grandson trick or treating. He kept saying chicken feet instead of trick or treat:)
    smchester at gmail dot com

  89. My favorite Halloween tradition was my entire group of friends gathering around my kitchen table for pizza before trick-or-treating.

  90. George Chaplin says:

    favorite memory was just being a kid & running all over the neighbor hood collecting candy with the family..

  91. Bonnigene says:

    My favoite Halloween tradition was coming in for the night and having a mug of hot spiced apple cider. Then we would watch a halloween movie with my dad.

  92. Halloween was and still is just the greatest! Great weather and all those goodies!

  93. Amy DeLong says:

    my favorite tradition was carving the pumpkins and then baking the seeds!

  94. My favorite memory is dressing up for halloween

  95. My favorite Halloween tradition started when I began taking my children out to trick ot treat we would go to my mother’s house and visit all of her neighbors. She loved to show off her grandchildren then she would make and serve her famous beef stew for dinner.
    carolkfoster at comcast dot net

  96. Kerrie Mayans says:

    My favorite tradition was carving pumpkins with my family.

  97. Pumpkin carving was always my favorite (and then toasting the seeds).

  98. Annemarie Zito says:

    Going trick or treating with my brother!

  99. Heather H says:

    My fav halloween tradition is going over my grandmas house with my cousins when we were all dressed up in our costumes.

  100. christina singer says:

    making popcorn balls with my grandma. I don’t care for them these days, but I remember the mess and the fun and Grandma’s laugh.

  101. Going trick or treating with my brother and always getting excited when we got a full sized candy bar.

  102. Susan Smith says:

    I remember one year dressing as Cinderella and I didn’t want to take off my costume because I loved it so much, I even slept in it.

  103. We lived in the country and all the neighbors knew and trusted each other. We’d make popcorn balls, and give them to the neighbor kids when they came.

  104. My favorite memory was dressing up in those dreadful plastic costumes. The masks were so hot and sweaty, and I loved every second of it!


  105. DLavonne Hubbard says:

    Love Cookies. My favorite memory was when my husband (now deceased) dressed up as a woman. He put on a wig, stockings, and heels the whole nine yards for a friends party. It was hilarious. I also just subscribed.

  106. Susan Wachner says:

    My favorite Halloween memory is in my own years trick or treating where the costume was not at the store, but rummaging thru my parents closets.

    My best costume? Using my moms styrofoam womens face/head (where she would comb her wigs) and put it on top of my head, cute tiny holes out of a wild colored themed blouse that covered my head/face, put on my moms skirt and heels.

    I looked like this freakish extra tall sophisticated women/thing with heels.

    Folks didn’t know what to think, but I stood out and it was a bit creative! I think we bought me some nylons for .69 cents the rest was ours.

    I won each Halloween costume contest!

  107. James Coyne says:

    I loved the trick or treating

  108. Ed Nemmers says:

    My favorite Halloween memory was creating a road rally for an All Hallow’s Eve party!

  109. I remember always being too excited to eat dinner, and then knowing it was “officially” Halloween when that very first person rang our doorbell to Trick or Treat. I also remember planning what I was going to be weeks in advance, and then have it be so cold (in Colorado) that more often than not I had to wear a jacket over my costume so no one could even tell what I was – oh well!

  110. As a child my Mom would drive me and my sister to our Grandma’s house and she always had a special treat bag for us. I loved it and felt special as a kid :)

  111. mary gardner says:

    my favorite was always trick or treating with my sisters

    marygardner49 at aol dot com

  112. Lisa Jobe says:

    My favorite Halloween memories were “helping” my mother make our costumes. Every fall, she’d take us to the fabric store to pick out patterns and fabric. Our costumes were so much nicer than what we now buy for our children. I had beautiful clown costumes, elaborate witch dresses, and even silly creative ones like the year my friend and I teamed together as a pencil and pad of paper. One of these days, I’m going to buy myself a sewing machine and restart our tradition!

  113. I always just loved trick-or-treating in my neighborhood with my little brother and little sister.

  114. Mine was when I was little and we got home from trick or treating we would dump our candy out and sort it in to two piles. One was for trading and one was our pile we were not partng with. After that we would start trading. A Reeces would go for 5 pieces of gum and a small kit kat.

  115. Justin D. says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of bobbing for apples and also going on haunted hayrides…wish they weren’t so expensive nowadays.


  116. Deborah Wallin says:

    I enjoyed the Halloween costume judging at school

  117. My favorite Halloween memory as a child was going to the Haunted School House near where I live, I used to look forward to it so much sadly it’s closed now :(

    bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  118. When I was little, we’d trick or treat around my neighborhood and then we’d drive across town where my Grandparents had a party for all of the little ones.

  119. crystal l allen says:

    i loved getting carmel apples from our neighbor at halloween, clallen at ntin dot net

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