February 26, 2018

Consignment is a Better Way to Shop

consignmentby Angela Sing

Now that Labor Day is behind us and the official end of summer has past, it is time to start thinking about outfitting our kids for the colder weather to come. Soon shorts and t-shirts will be traded for long pants and sweatshirts, but shopping for all that’s needed for this change of season can be a daunting and expensive endeavor.


In this economy, many of us are thinking twice before heading to the mall to outfit our young children. In the past we may have dressed them in beautiful, winter boutique clothes, but are now struggling to justify spending $100 on a pair of jeans and sweater (not to mention the snow clothes and gear that go along with the season.)


This is where a top quality, seasonal consignment sale can help.


Seasonal consignment sales are events that typically happen in the spring and fall. September and April are prime months for them. Typically, sales in the fall focus on items needed for colder months, and in the spring sales focus on warmer months. Since most kids only wear a Halloween costume or Christmas outfit once, they are almost always found in great condition at fall consignment sales. Likewise, Easter and 4th of July outfits are almost always found at a spring sale.


Most children outgrow their clothes, toys, and gear long before they are looking worn or tired. Consignment sales offer parents an opportunity to purchase these very gently used and like new items at a fraction of the cost of retail.


Consigning your children’s outgrown items can help your family by saving money on items you need, and can also earn your family money by selling outgrown items.  Even better, some consignment sales partner with local nonprofits by donating unsold items, thus giving back to the community.


Angela is the mother of two boys and a co-owner of Posh Kids Consignment Sales.  Check out their website for more information, including details about their fall sale beginning this week.



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