February 22, 2018

Civil War Reenactment Wows 21st Century Kids

civil war reenactmentBy Julie Samrick

A friend invited us to her kids’ elementary school this weekend in Cool to see a live Civil War reenactment. Let’s just say, my kids and all the others were entranced. For nearly 30 minutes, soldiers from the North and South battled in authentic uniforms, with real muskets (but not real bullets), and a cannon that shot every few minutes.


The cast never left character. The few, fortunate soldiers on horseback had shields- but most were easy prey, unguarded with nothing except the devotion to their cause. Soldiers fell on the battlefield and a surgeon tended to their wounds on the side. Nurses with bloody aprons assisted.


Afterwards we watched a soldier lying on a table, gritting his teeth while the medical team asked for chloroform before amputating his limb. My son even got some fake blood squirted on his sweatshirt- something I am sure he won’t soon forget!


It was amazing for the young people to see what life was like so long ago and even more amazing to see all of the adults so passionately involved in a hobby and equally knowledgeable about a time in our country’s history.


What’s a stand out educational experience your family has had together?


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