November 25, 2017

Christmas Without the Ones We Love

I explained to my older kids (7 and 9) this week that Christmas isn’t always the happiest time of year for everyone.

Some people may not have the money to buy their kids warm coats, let alone Christmas presents.

Some may not have family or friends to spend the holiday with- they are alone at a time of year when people come together perhaps more so than at any other time of year.

There are also those who may feel sad or guilty reveling or singing or baking cookies because a loved one is not just far away, but passed on.

I check in over at  the blog An Inch of Gray to see how Anna is doing since the sudden death of her 13 year old son this past September.  Right now she is particularly struggling with the holidays, and for one thing is working through which traditions to hold onto and which to alter or abandon this year.  She is such a terrific writer. I’d like to assure her that mothers and fathers everywhere are learning from her and we hold her in our prayers during a difficult time of year.  Read her post  Christmas Past and Present

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