December 17, 2017

Chopped Television Review

Over Thanksgiving my kids and I discovered the Food Network show, Chopped.  The premise of each show is 4 chefs from different walks of life demonstrate their culinary skills for 3 judges by creating 3 courses (appetizer,entree and dessert), using 3 specific ingredients for each one. The goal is not to be “chopped” after the end of each course. The last cook standing wins a $10,000 prize.


one of the contestants

It was a great show to watch together.  We were all mesmerized by their creativity, quick thinking and we learned a lot about cooking, too.

There was one episode that’s re-airing tonight.  It centers on 4 school cafeteria “lunch ladies” and White House chef Sam Kass is a guest judge.  The ladies refer to themselves as Chefs, and were they!  It was a poignant episode because the women talked about the pride they have in their work and the importance of making good food for their students each day.

One chef said that the kids at her school are so poor, the meals she makes for them are often the only ones they get.  On Fridays she stuffs backpacks with food for kids for over the weekend.

I hadn’t thought about school chefs and the challenges they face-  I was rooting for them all to win! And the looks on my kids’ faces watching it were priceless.  The Food Network is re-airing the “Lunch Lady” episode tonight, 12/6, at 6pm eastern time.   Watch with your kids!

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