February 21, 2018

Children’s Book Review- Press Here by Herve Tullet

By Amy Schwary

Put down the electronics because there is a picture book that is sure to capture the attention of any child. It is so interactive that it is hard to believe that the experience it offers comes from old fashioned printed pages!

In his creative book, Press Here, author Herve Tullet invites his readers to “press here and turn the page”…who can resist not to? With that, the journey begins! Children are easily engaged as they are instructed to press the dots, blow on the pages, shake the pages, tilt the book and more to wonder what will happen next. Readers are amused as they watch the dots multiply, change in color, change in size, switch their order and so on.

As if the excitement of action and reaction weren’t enough, readers are rewarded for following directions with positive comments, encouraging them to continue. Great! Well Done! Fabulous! Bravo! Who wouldn’t want to keep going?

The reader is exposed to the concept of left and right. “”Rub the dot on the left”..as it changes from yellow to red. “Rub the dot on the right” as it changes from yellow to blue. The reader gets exposure to counting..”Five taps on the yellow dot” and watch as the dots multiply. There is exposure to color as they are instructed to press only on certain colored dots. Two dots happen to switch places, which introduces the concept of patterns. Can you find them?

Shake the book…the dots scatter. Tilt the book…the dots slide. Clap your hands..the dots grow bigger and bigger. This unique picture book is so interactive it is hard to believe that it is just a book. It definitely utilizes the power of imagination and leaves children and adults wanting to read it again and again. Luckily, the pages are thick and high in quality to endure frequent and repeated use!

Your children will not be disappointed by putting down their electronics for this printed adventure.

Amy Schwary is the mother of 4 children and the founder of Pre K Scholars, a kindergarten readiness kit.

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