November 24, 2017

Childhood Music Lessons Can Help Later in Life

Piano lessons at 7 help a person even decades later when hearing loss begins.  Read why


  1. Great article. The amount of concentration that develops in young children over prolonged periods of music lessons is amazing. You would not believe it unless you saw it first hand. I think this is a must for any parent wanting their kids to develop and do better in school and life.

    I do not think there is a universal starting age for children to begin learning to play music. It is a case by case basis. My niece started formal piano lessons before she turned three. she loves them and has fun with them, but more importantly, she learns. If a child is mature enough to sit still and concentrate for an extended period of time, they are ready to start learning to play an instrument. Piano is one of the best instruments to start with as it is one that they cannot hurt very easily and one that transitions well to other instruments as they get older.

    Introducing a child to music and allowing them to play an instrument (even it is is a shaker or small drum) along with it is a great way to develop that part of their mind and ensure that they will become musical. There are even studies that suggest music lessons at a young age can help neurological development.

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