January 20, 2018

Child Rearing Book Under Fire

A Washington state couple is being held for the death of their 13-year-old daughter and authorities say a controversial parenting book may be to blame. To Train Up a Child may have led to Hana Williams’s death of hypothermia last May.  There is advice in the book Carri and Larry Williams read that advocates making picky eaters miss meals, leaving unruly children outdoors, and encouraging plumbing tools as disciplinary tools, etc. Since the book’s publication in 1994 critics have worried that disciplinary measures in it could be used by readers to the extreme.  While I can see this, I hope the accused are prosecuted as individuals responsible for their own decisions. Read more about this case at Slate 


  1. I had never heard of that book. I found it printed in its entirety online. And wow. After reading some of it, it’s difficult for me to comprehend how such a thing exists. I couldn’t read anymore because it was too depressing. With such treatment of babies and children, no wonder there is so much anger and violence in the world. So sad.

  2. I know, Kim. It breaks my heart :(

  3. If anyone is stupid enough to consider consulting a tome such as this concerning parenting, then obviously that person has zero parenting instinct whatsoever, and should refrain from going near anyone under 18.

    How do people even get away with publishing such drivel? It’s a scary thought.

  4. Sadly, kobo apps in my phone, its selling “To Train Up A Child” for $4.39. I wish that book is not selling in that apps.

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