February 21, 2018

California Children Could Soon Have More than 2 Legal Parents

In response to “America’s evolving families,” where for the first time married couples dropped below half of all households in 2010 according to the Census Bureau, there is a bill written by Sen. Mark Leno D-San Francisco that could soon be law.

SB1476 would make it legal for California children to have more than two legal parents.  Supporters say the law could keep kids out of foster care and could be used in situations like when a man marries a pregnant woman, whose child is by another man. Or, for instance, when two lesbians have a child and the sperm donor wants to be part of the child’s life.  Detractors say there will be no limit to how many parents a child could have.  Read more What do you think?  Is this a logical response to the sign of the times or a bad idea?

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