February 21, 2018

Bullies Taunt a School Bus Monitor to Tears


By Julie Samrick

Be warned….the following video is extremely upsetting and difficult to watch.  It captures a group of middle school aged boys taunting school bus monitor, Karen Klein, for a full 10 minutes last Monday.  They are relentless, calling her ugly, a “fat ass,” and much more.  

I’ve heard of bullies picking on other kids, and adults picking on other adults, but never have I seen such brazen behavior by children to a grown adult.

Klein’s story has gone national since the video went viral and fundraising efforts are underway for the grandmother of 8.  

My first reaction was to blame the kids, and I do blame them for the bulk of it.  However, as the adult and monitor on the bus, Klein had a responsibility to act the role of a leader.  As an astute commenter says below, Klein is the one who should’ve set limits.  Oftentimes kids act this way because a) their parents let them, or b) the parents talk this way too.

Regardless, I am embarrassed for these kids’ families.  Can you imagine speaking to anyone, let alone an elder, this way no matter what the circumstances?  If you were these kids’ parents what do you think would be an appropriate punishment?  What about their school community?  Should they do anything to punish these kids?

To read more about Karen’s story, click here

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  1. Haven’t watched it yet, but if that was happening on my bus, as a driver you should stop the bus and tell the kids to sit down and shut up or they can get off and walk!

    Also, there is such a thing as standing up for yourself and not permitting anyone to talk to you like that. She could either get in their face and tell them to sit down and be quiet or go tell the bus driver to let you off or stop the bus.

    While it’s not right for the kids to be rude, it’s not all the kids responsibility, they need adults to set the limits.

    • I could not even finish watching. I am not a bleeding heart liberal… hence, some serious physical punishment would be appropriate here. These sheeple kids have no qualms, they just want to impress their fellow sheep and obey the sheep dog’s orders. (hmm sound familiar like Hitler’s followers).
      Over 10 years ago, when I was 21, I was riding on a public bus in Wisconsin. A group of middle school kids got on after myself. A 13-yr old girl was walking up & down the aisles swearing & behaving as if she owned the bus. I asked the bus driver to shut her up or make her get off. He was too scared (because of her race-he stated) as a reason to cower. I could not believe him, especially since I am also a minority. So, I stood up and told the girl to take a seat & shut-up with her disrepect since no other adults would. She cursed loud at me & acted as if she was going to come at me. I told her know one else on the bus wanted to listen. She got off 2 stops later. Only her fellow classmates seemed to somewhat appreciate my assertiveness.
      Nonetheless, today I would still stand up to sheep dog and dumb sheep.

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