November 25, 2017

Boy Scouts Stand By Ban on Gay Leaders

300,000 signatures calling for the Boy Scouts of America to reverse their stance on prohibiting gay leaders from serving didn’t change their policy after reviewing it once again on Wednesday. Boy Scout spokesman Devon Smith said, “We have 4 million members across the nation. There are a variety of beliefs on this issue.” Read more


  1. David K says:

    Thank you, Boy Scouts of America! They can’t produce children, they can only recruit. Boy Scouts seems like fertile ground for them and their “Man-Boy Love” parties. It is up to the Boy Scouts of America to keep the Sodomites from perverting these boys. Thank you, for NOT bowing to the 1-2% minority that are experiencing Scout fever! Let the boys just be boys. Keep good moral leaders for these boys. We don’t hate sodomites… we just don’t want our boys to become like them. They hate that!

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