November 24, 2017

Boy Kills 2-year-old Brother

Born to a 12-year-old mother, young Cristian Fernandez is now 13-years-old, yet he’s inextricably altered his own life forever. What’s truly sad, besides the fact that his actions have now affected so many others, is that Cristian never had much of a life to begin with- it seems everyone, everyone, let him down.  Read more about the vicious cycle of abuse. Did Cristian ever have a chance to live a happy life?


  1. Very sad story, it seems the system let this kid down from day 1 when they found him wandering the streets. The kid has never known anything different. Can we really blame him when this is how he was brought up???

  2. Very sad that this child was let down from the very beginning. This should be required ready/study for all social workers. It seems to be so diffuicult for the right thing to happen when parents wishes and desires are not followed.

  3. This is truly disturbing.
    This 12 girl that had a baby at such a young age should of given him up for adoption.
    To be so selfish to allow him to be raised so horribly and abused, etc… then to turn
    in to an angry monster.
    What really bothers me is how the 2 year old suffered too. The boy thing had his leg broken
    by him too when wrestling with him. To slam him into a wall until near death is just
    so horrendous!!!!
    Also who knows what else he did to the five year old- who he had already sexually assaulted.
    This boy must be locked up somewhere until he gets severe therapy to deal with anger.
    Even then I doubt he will ever be the same- maybe if he finds the Lord and peace with that.
    I think it has come down to building prisons JUST for juveniles and young kids. You hear so
    many of these kinds of stories today- I think it’s going to be needed. For sure he should go to
    a juvenile facility- unless they can find a safe place for him in prison, but I doubt it. Letting
    this child out on the streets is wrong- he will harm or kill someone else- no doubt about it.

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