December 17, 2017

Body Image tips for teens and parents

body imageBy Jennifer Lombardi

Tips for a Healthy Summer Body Image:


  • Tip #1: Join a yoga class for relaxation, a dance class for fun or an aerobics class because it makes you feel good.
  • Tip #2: Remove “good food, bad food” talk from your vocabulary. Remember it’s all about moderation.
  • Tip #3: Don’t feel pressured to fit into a bikini! There are plenty of trendy and cute one piece options you can feel confident in wearing. Stop comparing yourself to others. Being unique is what makes our world a wonderful place!
  • Tip #4: Make it a priority to stay hydrated this summer! Your body is composed of 60% fluids and it’s important to keep hydrated in order to energize muscles, keep skin clear, maintain healthy kidneys and so much more.
  • Tip #5: Help others feel better about themselves – offer a friend or family member a heartfelt non body focused compliment every day.


For Parents: 5 Signs that May Indicate Your Child Has an Eating Disorder:

By: Jennifer Lombardi


1. Dramatic weight loss in a short amount of time

2. Change in behavior around food

3. Dramatic increase in exercise, despite illness or injury

4. Change of mood, including social withdrawal

5. Obsession or fascination with dieting or exercise, including rituals around weight loss


Jennifer Lombardi is the Executive Director of Summit Eating Disorders & Outreach Program


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