February 22, 2018

“Are You Mom Enough?” asks TIME

By Jane Lee

Beware.  Before you even look closely at the picture, read the caption, or perchance read the article, you will be affected.  Old wounds will reopen.  You’ll find your head swiftly turning side to side, defending your choices to anyone that will listen or, worse yet, silently to yourself yet once again.
While the issue is breastfeeding, the title “Are You Mom Enough?” with ‘Mom Enough’ the largest words and boldly in red, no less, the underlying topic is secondary to the flaming arrow that just surpassed every mom’s defenses to land squarely in her guilt.
Am I mom enough?  What in blazes does that mean?  Would somebody please clearly define it for me because it’s always clouded over by clashing opinions, statistics, and pointed fingers.  I always seem to be running this way and that, looking for acknowledgment and validation.
“Are You Mom Enough?” is reminiscient of some ad for the Marines.  At least somebody in the Marine Corp defines what it is to be enough to be a Marine.  Motherhood isn’t so lucky so the bar of being enough just keeps on shifting, rising, vaporizing just as we reach it.
The chatter, debate even, over this article has just begun.  I believe the heated comments that will ensue stem from the guilt and insecurity we have been handed by external opinions, statistics and those oh so ugly pointed fingers.
So let me be the first to tell you – YES, YOU ARE ENOUGH.  AND SO I AM.
Now let’s get back to mothering our kids.  It’s a damned important job.
One that makes little boys and girls capable of being Marines one day.

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Jane is a mother of two and the creator of godsheartandhands.org

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