January 18, 2018

Is America finally fed up with the likes of Justin Bieber?

Justin BieberBy Julie Samrick

For months we’ve heard Justin Bieber is no role model. It’s not even cool for little girls to like him anymore (at least not with my second grader and her friends.)

Just when I think the whole “he’s-not-a-good-role-model” message will finally rub off and the likes of teen stars gone wild like Justin Bieber with “yes sir” handlers surrounding him, I’m reminded of Miley Cyrus’s antics at the VMA’s last summer. I didn’t hear one positive thing about her crude, tacky, sad (dare I say) performance. But guess what happened? Twerking has become a household term since then- everyone knows what twerking means, even my mother.

Let’s see what’s taken away from this Justin Bieber situation and see what kind of memory America has.

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