January 20, 2018

Are You Disturbed By How Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Son?

By Julie Samrick


We all puree food for our babies, right?  If it’s not already mashed in store bought jars, we soften it for their toothless, delicate mouths and stomachs for them.  

In fact, I didn’t even buy baby food for my 4th child.  We mashed up whatever we were eating instead of buying baby food as soon as she transitioned to solid food.  

So, I didn’t think much of the Alicia Silverstone story- that she fed her 10-month-old son food she’d mashed herself…in her mouth.  Ok, she’s a vegan, a naturalist- I even squashed a grape in my own mouth sometimes and then gave it to my kids when they were babies- I didn’t want to judge.  But then I watched the video…take a look:




It’s the mouth to mouth that bothers me.  But tell me if I’m missing something and being too rigid.  Mouth to mouth is how birds feed their young, right? What’s wrong with feeding babies like they’re birds? I am sure she has the best intentions- it just seems odd to me. What do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts!


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  1. It’s attention seeking behavior and it can be unsafe to the child. It’s very simple for the mutans streptococcus germs, which cause tooth decay, to be spread from mother to child even from continual spoon sharing, let alone directly spitting into the toddler’s mouth. It’s intentionally irresponsible in my opinion, and I feel like it wouldn’t make any difference if this woman was made aware. There would simply be that usual “bla bla we’re becoming too paranoid these days” response, regardless of how good the reasons to withhold from this behavior can be.

  2. To each their own. I’m sure that she can afford to buy a food processor or food masher. Her intentions were good, I’m sure, but many times we don’t think about ourselves as being carriers of something that would be awful for the child. Better to be safe than sorry.

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