December 17, 2017

Alabama Immigration Law Extends to Food Stamps

The law passed in Alabama last year that prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving any public benefits at either the state or local level is now being felt by families with at least one undocumented parent who received food stamps.   Law suits being filed state that up to 1,000 children whose families would otherwise be eligible for food stamps are not receiving them because one of their parents can not document their citizenship even though their children are American citizens.  Children were prohibited from attending public schools and universities until that portion of the bill was blocked.   The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that about 4.5 million American citizens under 18 years old have at least one undocumented parent.  What do you think?  Is it fair to keep food stamps from these kids?


  1. Immigration reform is such a complicated subject and I find it obvious the lawmakers true intentions are not to fix the problem, but give the appearance to constiuents that they are being proactive by attacking those who have no voice. Is it not poilically viable for them to go after the American employers who benefit from the cheap labor?

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