February 22, 2018

Manners Scenarios: Lesson #1- Interrupting

Depending on their age, work on different manners with your kids by acting out the situations.  It’s really fun!

While we rode in the car I practiced manners when it comes to interrupting with my 3 and 5 year olds.  I was the child and they were having a conversation.  I blurted into their conversation.  They got it right away!

I showed them 2 ways to politely get someone’s attention by acting it out in 2 other scenarios.

#1  I waited until they were done talking and then I said what I needed to say.

#2  I politely said, “Excuse me.”  And then I asked my question.

Even at 3 and 5 they understood and I was amazed when later that same night they used the tools I’d taught them.  Now they ask, “Let’s play the manners game!!”

manners scenarios

image from sodahead.com

Stay tuned for more scenarios.  I would love to hear what you’ve done with your kids to work on manners!



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