January 20, 2018



Hello!  Before having 4 children, I was a high school English teacher.  I always say it was the best parenting course I could have ever taken.

 In 2002 I left the classroom when my oldest child was born, but my passion for education and becoming my kids’ first teacher is a job I’ve relished ever since (though I definitely have my moments and I definitely need my breaks).

By 2008 I was a stay-at-home mom to four young children, and I would say being part of a mother’s club until then was another wonderful gift that I learned from tremendously.  But by the time my oldest child started school, I quit the group, thinking I didn’t have the time to go to playgroups and activities, that I’d still get together with the friends I’d made in the mother’s club.

But life gets busy- I found myself missing the conversations and camaraderie I had with other moms.

When I looked online, I either saw parenting sites devoted to celebrity moms and how they were fitting back into their size 0 jeans immediately after giving birth or there were moms portrayed only as frazzled, burned out shells of their former selves with banana in their hair (Ok, I am definitely like that some of the time, but I hope not all of the time!)

It seemed there wasn’t thoughtful content in one centralized place devoted to us, Kid Focused types, who still crave intellectual conversation. Many of us “stay at home” moms are educated, curious and compassionate and  look for intellectually stimulating conversations and news stories…it was realizing this that the seed that would become Kid Focused was planted.

I have been fortunate to be the family columnist for our area newspaper and a blogger for a regional magazine, but I’ve wanted to share even more content.  Adding together all of these factors, Kid Focused finally came to fruition in the spring of 2011.

I want to hear what you find fascinating, disturbing, inspiring, when it comes to all of the Kid Focused news and current events out there, too.

Browse the site; send us links to interesting Kid Focused news stories; pass along your videos of talented kids, your book recommendations, or favorite recipes.  Share your small Kid Focused business with the rest of us, too.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Julie Samrick