February 22, 2018

A Reminder of the Greatest Human Flaw

the Greatest Human FlawI was as surprised as anyone to learn that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver had separated last week.  Though many high profile couples split, usually in the first 5 years, I thought since they’ve been married for 25 years they had figured out a way to stay connected.

Maria Shriver has always come across as sweet, smart, classy and grounded to me.  It was romantic to think that someone from an American iconic family who was as close to royalty as we have in America would marry a fitness buff from Austria who would not only break out in America as a tough, foreign action star, he would also run for governor and win the seat as a Republican- opposite to her widely known Democratic roots.

So to read this morning that Arnold actually fathered a child with a staffer a decade ago, the romantic dream that two polar opposites with high visibility could actually have a long lasting marriage was dashed, yet I was reminded once again that hubris has always been mankind’s downfall.  The story changes with the times, but the theme is always there.  Why shouldn’t someone with as much power as Arnold fall under the same spell?  Yet again, how neat would that be to see someone in his position resist those demons and live a life of integrity?

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