December 17, 2017

A “Home Schooling” Summer

We used to talk about the ABCs and shapes back then, but this summer has steered us into new territory: practical life lessons that are giving them that great gift that comes with age: wisdom.

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  1. While not a life lesson, a lesson nonetheless. While driving to Reno with two soon-to-be Juniors in high school, we were approaching Donner Summit. I decided to quiz the girls about how it got its name. They both heard of it and one even knew they resorted to cannibalism although the term that was used was “eating each other.” I quizzed them further and much to my dismay they would not have passed their fourth grade quiz. So, today’s lesson is: your kids are never to old to learn/relearn things they have once been taught. Hey wait a minute. Didn’t I homeschool in 4th grade? Oh no, this may be my fault! Happy summer everyone and take the time to learn new (or not so new things)!

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