December 17, 2017

6 Reasons to Use Reward Systems With Kids

reward systems with kidsBy Michele Knowlton

There are 6 reasons to start using reward systems with your kids today:

  1. To instill a strong work ethic  Let’s face it, most things in this life are linked to rewards.  Getting a paycheck is a reward for working outside of the house and good grades are a reward for schoolwork. Using a rewards system where kids can earn points for helping out around the house helps encourage them by linking a positive outcome (in this case – more points) with doing something that contributes to the family.  
  2. To teach kids about budgeting  Using a rewards system can teach kids about saving.  If your son wants a new bicycle, a new video game, and a family trip to Disney he might take some of the points he was going to use for the new video game and save some towards that trip.  He’ll soon learn the difference between finite resources and infinite resources. 
  3. To encourage good behavior  It’s not all about doing chores and helping around the house.  You can award points weekly (or for each day if that’s more appropriate) for no fighting with siblings, for instance.  You can reward points for having extra good manners at a family event.
  4. To promote charitable actions  You might want to award extra points if your child has done volunteer work or has given some of her allowance to charity.
  5. To show rewards don’t always equate to money (or things that cost money)  Earning points is different than giving money.  Encourage your kids to think about things they want to put on their wish lists that don’t cost money.   Your son might want to have a friend sleep over or go to the beach (or lake or pool) for a day.  Those are things he might have to earn points for.
  6. To give kids more responsibility  When kids help out around the house, it gives them a sense of ownership.  They will take pride in their accomplishments and can see a tangible record of their contributions.  Get them involved in deciding how best they can contribute. 


The reasons for using a rewards system and how to use a rewards system can be a unique as your family.  Tailor it to fit your family. 


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