December 18, 2017

3 Phrases to Get Your Child to Listen to You Instantly

child listenBy Erin Kurt

Throughout the years of being a teacher, mother and parenting coach, I realized that there are some very powerful phrases, that if used consistently, can be extremely effective when parents are trying to get their child to listen or to get them to do something instantly.

Here are 3 very effective phrases that you can use TODAY to see instant results:

1) “As soon as you _______ I’ll know you’re ready to __________.”


“As soon as you put your coat on I’ll know you’re ready to go to the park.”
“As soon as you tidy up your toys I’ll know you’re ready for some TV time.”

2) “One thing at a time.”


Your child is wiggling, talking, movi ng, or playing as you try to dress her, brush her teeth, etc. Say:

“One thing at a time, Sally. Right now we’re brushing your teeth.”
“One thing at a time, Sally. Right now we’re putting on your PJ’s.”

3) “Try that again, because we ___________.”

Use this phrase after your child has done something inappropriate such as not looking both ways before crossing the street, slamming a door, or talking rudely.


“Try that again because we always look both ways before we cross the street.”

“Try that again because we always speak politely to each other.”

Try using these 3 phrases consistently for a week. You’ll see incredible, fast results. Plus, you’ll be teaching your children your values and rules without being preachy. Furthermore, you will stay calmer and will feel more confident as a parent.


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  1. My favorite (from Nonviolent Communication) is… “I observe…”, “I feel…”, “I need…”, followed by the magical request “Would you be willing to…” — It works on grown-ups too. =)

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