February 22, 2018

100 Ideas for the 100th Birthday of Girl Scouts

100th Birthday of Girl ScoutsBy Angela Nicholson

Girl Scout Week is March 11-17, 2012. Here are 100 ways to celebrate the Girl Scouts’ 100th Anniversary. May  be modified for whatever city you live in:

  1. Register now for the 100th “Celebrating Green Forever” Event at Cal Expo on April 28, 2012.
  2. Host 100 Girls (or more!) for a Father-Daughter Dance
  3. Add your thoughts to the city’s Time Capsule and Traveling Girl Scout Display.
  4. Host 100 Girls Scouts (or more!) for World Thinking Day
  5. Make 100 pillowcase dresses for the Dress-A-Girl Project
  6. Make 100 cards for breast cancer patients
  7. Donate 100+ Christmas stockings
  8. Contribute 100 items to “Support for Soldiers”
  9. Put 100 plants in 100 classrooms
  10. Host a Troop Appreciation Event for 100 Girl Scouts
  11. Volunteer for the EDH 100th Anniversary Committee
  12. Join 100+ girls at Camporee
  13. Collect 100 pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald House
  14. Make 100 x 10 (1000 made!) origami cranes for Girl Guides in Japan
  15. Plant 100 Trees in the GSHCC Council Area
  16. Collect 100 sundries for Hands for Hope
  17. Add the Official 100th Anniversary Pin to troop uniforms, which is placed above the insignia tab.
  18. Earn the GSHCC 100th Anniversary Forever Green Program Patch.
  19. Learn EDH’s own Barby Pulliam’s “Century Celebration” song. (A woman who has been a Girl Scout for 75 years!)
  20. Attend a Council Program Event about the Girl Scout birthday.
  21. Make a troop scrapbook for this special year in Girl Scouting.
  22. At a troop meeting, share the responses to the question, “If I had $100, I would… for me; … for my troop; for my community.”  Include answers in your troop scrapbook.
  23. Go Geo-caching with your troop and watch the official GSHCC geo-coin, which can be tracked at www.geocaching.com
  24. Check out historical items from Council for your troop.
  25. Take photos of fellow Girl Scouts and create a mural to display “100 Faces of Girl Scouts.”
  26. Spend 100 minutes learning about physical activity and take a class led by a Girl Scout Leader.
  27. Make 100 friendship bracelets for Sister Scouts.
  28. Tell 100 people (via email, at a service project for others, etc.) how Girl Scouts has impacted your life.
  29. Create a cookbook of your Troop’s 100 favorite recipes.
  30. Uphold the Girl Scout motto, “Do a Good Turn Daily,” for 100 “good turns” within your troop.
  31. Make a 100th Anniversary Snack with 100 raisins, 100 pretzels, 100 M&M’s, etc. for your own troop trail mix.
  32. Talk to a Girl Scout who is now 100 years old.
  33. Collect 100 pieces of Girl Scout facts or memorabilia and create a display.
  34. Share stories with members who have been in Girl Scouts for a combined total of 100 years.
  35. Plan an event to honor 100 Girl Scout volunteers (past and present).
  36. Collect signatures of 100 Girl Scouts you meet at council events or camp.
  37. Design 100 thank you notes and send to troop leaders, parent committee members, program aides, event counselors, and any Girl Scout volunteers who have helped you with Girl Scouts.
  38. Tie 100 green ribbons around trees for March 12, 2012.
  39. Contribute 100 minutes to cleanup a neighborhood park.
  40. Contribute 100 minutes to cleanup an area lake, river or preserve.
  41. Contribute 100 minutes to cleanup site of Girl Scout leader meetings and events.
  42. Cleanup your city and collect 100 bags of trash from sidewalks, trails, etc.
  43. Plant 100 bulbs or plants to beautify your school or neighborhood park.
  44. Scatter 100 packets of daisy seeds.
  45. Collect 100 inkjet or laser print cartridges and donate to your service unit for recycling.
  46. Make a list of 100 ways to save energy and share it with others.
  47. Make and distribute 100 luminaries in honor of the 100th.
  48. With your troop, bike a combined 100 miles.
  49. Hike a combined 100 miles.
  50. Make 100 “Welcome Future Girl Scout” cards for moms of newborn girls at area hospitals.
  51. Offer Mother Teresa Maternity Home a basket of 100 items for newborns and their mothers.
  52. Donate 100 diapers to the Wellspring Women’s Center in Sacramento.
  53. Collect 100 toys for those in need.
  54. Send 100 pencils to children in Iraq or Afghanistan through local soldiers.
  55. Collect 100 new or gently used stuffed animals for children in need.
  56. Volunteer 100 minutes at a fundraising event.
  57. Gather and deliver 100 items off the wish list for CASA El Dorado: http://www.casaeldorado.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=page&page_id=5042
  58. Read for 100 minutes to children at story time sessions at the library.
  59. Celebrate the 100th on the “100th Day of School” with a lemonade-social, brownies, daisies, junior mints, etc., and invite others to join you.
  60. Celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8) by distributing 100 green carnations.
  61. Sell 100 extra boxes of Girl Scout cookies for American Troops overseas.
  62. Send 100 letters or postcards to soldiers stationed overseas.
  63. Collect 100 pounds of non-perishable items for The Food Bank of El Dorado County.
  64. Collect 100 pairs of shoes for those in need.
  65. Collect 100 articles of clothing for those in need.
  66. Make 100 no-sew fleece knot blankets for Loaves and Fishes.
  67. Start a Furniture Drive and collect 100 items for Furniture for Families.
  68. Spend 100 minutes with senior citizens.
  69. Join with other Girl Scouts to offer a combined 100 hours of activities at your city’s parks & rec.
  70. Make 100 snowflakes for seniors for the holidays.
  71. Organize a collection of 100 donated items for animal shelters.
  72. Make 100 items for animal shelters (toys, blankets, etc.)
  73. Reserve $100 from Fall Sales or Cookie Sales proceeds to adopt an animal at The Folsom Zoo.
  74. Participate in or begin a book drive to collect 100 books for the Library.
  75. Start a book drive and collect 100 books for your school.
  76. Create a list of 100 things that didn’t exist when Juliette Gordon Low founded Girl Scouts.
  77. Make a quilt and include a note or tag about the Girl Scouts’ 100th for Operation:  Quiet Comfort.  http://www.operationquietcomfort.com/Volunteer.html
  78. Conduct a Blood Drive to recruit 100 blood donors (see American Red Cross and/or Charity Guide).
  79. Develop a fitness plan and take the “100 Day Challenge to Good Health” (and follow through).
  80. Conduct a special ceremony and invite 100 guests.
  81. Raise $100 or perhaps volunteer 100 minutes for float flowers on the 100th Anniversary Girl Scout Float in the 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade.  http://www.girlscoutsla.org/pages/events/TOR_parade.html
  82. Purchase 100 packets of “Zinnia, Girl Scout 100th Anniversary Mix” seeds for planting and gift giving.  Proceeds go to the 100th Anniversary Girl Scout Float for the 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade.  http://www.reneesgarden.com/seeds/seeds-hm/flowersT.htm
  83. Organize attendance at a place of worship for 100 Girl Scouts to participate in Girl Scout Sunday/Sabbath services.
  84. Paint the EDH Rocks on El Dorado Hills Blvd/Olson Drive with a “Happy 100th Birthday Girl Scouts” message.
  85. Spend 100 minutes hiking the New York Creek Trail and picnicking in the CSD Park.
  86. Hike for 100 minutes along the trails of Folsom Lake while you discover, connect, and consider a “take action” project.
  87. Create a resource manual of 100 Girl Scout service projects (completed or ideas) and present it to a community leader to commemorate Girl Scout Week March 11-17, 2012.
  88. Start a list of “100 Adventures in the Outdoors.”  Pick-up a copy of “101 Things to do in El Dorado County” from The El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce for inspiration.
  89. Create a mural with your troop showing what school was like 100 years ago, what it’s like today, and what it will be like 100 years from now.
  90.  Survey 100 Girl Scouts to find out their favorite Girl Scout activity, then share your results at a GS Leaders Meeting.
  91. Make 100 American flags with safety pins and beads, then give to CHP, police, and firefighters.
  92. Offer 100 minutes of your time to your parents to help out around the house.
  93. Bake 100+ cupcakes for Juliette Low’s birthday (Oct 31) or Girl Scout Week (week of March 12) and share with your school.
  94. Spend at least 100 seconds at your next troop meeting thanking your Girl Scout Leader for her service to your troop.
  95. Smile at 100 people (and see how many smiles you get back).
  96. Create a sketch of what you think a Girl Scout uniform will look like 100 years from now.
  97. Make a list of “100 Fun Things to do with your Girl Scout Troop” and share.
  98. Take 100 pictures of your Girl Scout activities this year and create a slide show to share at your troop’s end-of-the-year party.
  99. Incorporate the letters “GS” and the numbers “100” into a design you create.
  100. Earn a combined total of 100 badges, insignia, and fun patches with your troop members during 2011-2012 Girl Scout year.


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Angela is a Girl Scout leader and the 100th Anniversary Liaison for her city.

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